What is Mental Illness?

Mental Illness, Addiction, and its Treatment

Mental Illness is an alteration of functions of Brain & Mind. 

A person with a mental illness experiences a difference in their thought, feelings, and emotions. Some may feel more anxious than others for trivial reasons. Some of them repeat activities more than a normal person does. Certain people hear voices which is not present and include voices threatening them to harm them, or ordering them to do something. Some of their thoughts change and false beliefs occur in their mind like somebody is trying or planning to kill them, or he is having great power to change the world. Certain people lose control in their emotions. They may become happier and more excited or feel more depressed than a normal person. Some of them feel like doing something great which is very difficult for them to do or feel like committing suicide. These disorders are categorized into Anxiety Disorders, Psychotic Disorders, Mood Disorders, Developmental Disorders, Personality Disorders, etc. These illnesses are to be treated by a team of Psychiatrists, Clinical psychologists, Councillors, and Nurses in a protective environment. Most of these patients get relieved of their symptoms in 4 to 8 weeks of inpatient treatment. If a patient is manageable at home, takes medicines regularly, and attends counseling and psychotherapy they can be treated on an outpatient basis. 


Addiction is a person's tendency to use alcohol to harmful levels or use harmful substances like Cannabis, Medicines, and other drugs. These types of people also require treatment. Medicines, Psychological Counseling, Group Therapy, Family Therapy, Alcohol Anonymus (AA) and other treatment methods are used. 

Psychiatric Illness & Treatment

Psychosis- Schizophrenia, Delusional Disorder

There are various types of Psychosis which as Schizophrenia, Delusional Disorder, etc. Persons with these type of Illnesses gets false beliefs about themselves, others, and the world. They feel that others are planning and trying to harm or kill him, they are giving poison in his food, others are talking about him, somebody has inserted some chip in his body so that others can track him, some others are inserting bad thoughts into his mind, his thoughts are been broadcasted throughout the world so that he cannot think, his relatives or neighbors are spying on him, his spouse is having an affair with others, etc. They also become suspicious and doubt others' acts and words against them. They may believe that others are doing black magic against them. 

They might hear voices that are not real. They may feel that somebody is talking to them or some persons are talking about them. They might hear commands to do some acts which might lead to even homicidal acts and harming others. They might see things that are not real like somebody is coming to assault them. 

They might talk irrelevantly, might behave in odd ways, withdraw from social contacts and activities, their personal hygiene might be poor, and their emotional expressions might be lower than their previous state. 

Treatment of Psychosis

Psychosis is treated with Antipsychotic medicines.



Mood Disorder- Mania, Depression, etc

Persons with mood disorders are having changes in their mood and emotion either an elevated mood or depressive mood. The elevated state of mind is Mania and the depressive state of mind is Depression. In certain people, either only mania or depression can be seen. In others, mania and depression can occur alternatively and is usually called as Bipolar Affective Disorder.

In manic episodes the common characteristics are elevated mood, high in energy level, restlessness, running here and there, continuously doing activities without sleep or getting tired, and talking irrelevantly and continuously, they might say that they are having great power, skill, and talent. They might sing songs does religious activities even at midnight. 

In the depressive episode they might feel very depressed- low mood, loses interest in previously pleasurable activities, feel a reduction in their overall energy, their sleep might be disturbed, they might eat less, might be hopeless about their future, feel worthless about themselves, and believe they will not improve from their present state. They feel like committing suicide.

Treatment of Mood Disorder

Mood disorders are treated with mood stabilizers, antipsychotics, and antidepressants. Psychotherapies like CBT, Interpersonal therapy, Psychoeducation, counseling, and lifestyle modification like sleep hygiene are given.


Anxiety Disorders

Persons with anxiety disorders feel irrational anxiety towards certain situations or things which is not currently dangerous to them. This can interfere with their daily activities. They might be fearful to social situations,closed spaces. During anxiety attacks, they might experience palpitation,chest pain,choking sensation, dizziness,feeling of unreality ,fear of dying,loosing control or going mad.

People with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder may have repeated irrational ideas ,images or impulses coming to their mind or can repeat certain activities like washing hands repeatedly,

Treatment of Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety disorders are treated with psychotherapy,CBT,Hypnosis,Relaxation etc and antianxiety medicines

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Addiction & Treatment

Alcohol Addiction

Drinking alcohol at a permissible level is normal. However, addiction to alcohol & alcohol abuse is illegal and is harmful to the community and the person who is drinking. Alcohol addiction is characterized by a strong desire to take alcohol, unable to control drinking habit, doing dangerous activities after taking alcohol like driving a vehicle, abusing and assaulting others, violent behavior, not taking personal care, not taking care of family, not going for job, finding out pleasure only from a drinking habit, start drinking from early morning. 

Treatment of Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction treatment starts with detoxification procedures. Stopping an alcohol-drinking habit can create certain withdrawal symptoms like delirium. Detoxification procedures might take nearly one week and it includes medicines, vitamins, and liver supplements. A detailed evaluation of liver function, renal function, and other parameters is necessary to find out the person's present level of functioning. During the first week, the patient will be admitted to an Acute Ward where 24-hour observation is present. After that they are treated with Motivation Enhancement Therapy, Counselling, Group Therapy, Family Counselling if required, Self-help group meetings by Alcoholic Anonymus (AA), Providing educational videos and books, regular exercises, and games. 

Drug Addiction & Treatment

Using cannabis, drugs and other harmful substances requires immediate attention and treatment.  Treatment of drug addiction starts with the management of withdrawal symptoms. Other procedures are similar to Alcohol addiction treatment.