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About Us

Welcome to Leela Hospital®

We are having a treatment team that includes

  1. Consultant Psychiatrist
  2. Psychiatrist
  3. Two Clinical Psychologists
  4. Psychologist / Social Worker
  5. Nurses & Attenders

Leela Hospital offers a unique, advanced, and extensive approach to Mental Health Care and Rehabilitation. An integrated healthcare facility, Leela Hospital assures noteworthy scientific and systematic remedies towards complexities related to all mental illness, psychological, behavioral, and addiction problems. The environment contributes to an optimal inpatient stay with a remarkably personalized treatment method helping to monitor the patient's progress.
Leela Hospital focuses mainly on the transformation of inner health through steady counseling along with varied psychotherapy approaches thereby promoting awareness in the patients regarding their ailment; so as to assist them in bringing a change in the state of their mind. Leela Hospital fine-tunes the urge of living in the patients motivating them to be self-sufficient in terms of taking medication as well as working and leading a normal life.